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Be part of something special: our 2019 Advent Calendar Cross Promotion!

This year will be our fourth hosting advent calendars, an extravaganza that readers not only enjoy… but is awaited by them excitedly each year. Every day between December 1st and Christmas Eve, readers will eagerly be checking their emails for something they’ve been waiting for – their Advent Calendar treat for that day.

Our BrazenBookshelf Advent Calendar readers love all kinds of romance reads, and our GeektasticBooks readers love everything Science Fiction and/or Fantasy.

What they all have in common is an enjoyment of reading… especially complete stories – that doesn’t mean your book must be novel length, but from previous experience, we’ve found that books with a satisfying ending makes for happier readers who are more inclined to want to read your other books. We’ve also chosen only to support links from the major retailers due to previous issues with readers finding it difficult to download books from individual websites, something we’re unable to provide extended support for.

For either Advent Calendar there are three options to choose from:
Top Sponsored Book: this can be any priced book hosted on any of the main retailers (Amazon, B&N, Kobo, iTunes, Google, Smashwords).
2nd Sponsored Book: this can also be any priced book hosted on any of the main retailers (Amazon, B&N, Kobo, iTunes, Google, Smashwords).
FREE Book: your free book, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a permafree or a KU enrolled book that’s set to free for everyone for the day booked, provided readers can download it at no cost from any/all of the main retailers (Amazon, B&N, Kobo, iTunes, Google, Smashwords). This is a great opportunity to let readers know about your wide presence or entice them into that new series by offering the first for free. [Please note, books that fail to be free on the date selected will not be entered into the Advent Calendar.]

All previous Advent Calendars will be able to be viewed by readers so latecomers can see what they’ve missed, and perhaps pick up a book that catches their eye (or freebie, if your book is still free).

How does it work?
At it’s core, this is a cross-promotion and we’ll be actively promoting it to our tens of thousands of readers and via paid advertising methods.

Participating authors are asked to share the promotional graphics and links provided on their social media and/or newsletters on at least two different occasions, firstly between November 20th-30th, 2019; and then again between December 1st – 20th, 2019. Top and 2nd Sponsored books can choose to cross-promote or not, however, as FREE books are able to participate at no cost, they are expected to actively participate by promoting the calendar they’re involved with by either social media or newsletter.

But I write Sci Fi, that’s nothing to do with Romance?! (or, vice versa)
Agreed! You’re only asked to cross promote for the Advent Calendar you’re participating in.

What am I supposed to share?
Graphics for each Advent Calendar will be provided and we will be contacting you in November to remind you about everything. There will be a choice of graphics sizes to use which will be optimised for social media and newsletter use.

Let’s all work together… it is the season of goodwill after all!

By the way…
It’s worth mentioning that while books aren’t required to be listed on Amazon, they must be “Amazon rules friendly” in that they don’t contain material that would not be accepted in a story that could be sold on Amazon. If you’re in doubt whether your book is a good fit, please contact us before booking. We also reserve the right not to promote books for any reason.

Take the stress out of booking newsletters and do it in advance.
Don’t have all the book info yet? Don’t worry! We’ll send you a reminder closer to the time and you can provide any final information that you may not have now. This means you can book well in advance, knowing your spot is secure and waiting for you!