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Genres: All romance sub-genres including: contemporary, fantasy, historical romance, LGBT, new adult, paranormal, science fiction, westerns, clean and/or sweet, action, suspence, erom, romance boxed sets.

Audience Description: BrazenBookshelf and its subscribed readers focus heavily on romance ebook genres. These readers enjoy all heat levels but tend towards steamier romance, particularly discounted ($3.99 and under) prices. The majority of books promoted here are listed on Amazon, but increasingly, more books are being promoted that are available on other “wide” sites: Google, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, SmashWords.

Strong open and click rates within our newsletters means these readers are actively waiting for our newsletters.

Retail Site Links Accepted: Links are accepted from any of the following: Amazon, Google, iBooks, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, SmashWords.

General Romance Newsletters

Our biggest readership – with readers loving a diverse range of romance genres. Books advertised on BrazenBookshelf newsletters will also appear on the BrazenBookshelf website also at no cost, and the newsletter appears as a post on the site for a period of time also. Our newsletter posts are also syndicated into our social media feed.

In particular, books promoted within a solo will feature on the home page of the site for a number of days after the day their newsletter is sent out.

The General Romance newsletter is sent once per day and alternates between a Solo Newsletter (which lists only one book) and a Multi-Author Newsletter (where generally about 6-8 books are listed).

Mailing List Size: 26,000+

Pricing: $10 – $110

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Sub-Genre Romance Solo Newsletters

Readers have opted in to receive newsletter updates about specific romance genres/tropes that they enjoy, meaning that whilst the audiences for each of these newsletters is smaller, it’s laser targeted to readers who enjoy a specific type of romance.

Oh, Daddy!: A list of readers who enjoy books about single fathers and/or older men.

Very Naughty Reads: Our naughtiest list of readers who enjoy the most explicit romance, erom and erotica.

Sweet and/or Clean Romance: Readers who enjoy reading sweet and/or clean romance (Only Sweet and/or Clean romance will be accepted, with a Heat Rating of 1 or 2.)

Reverse Harem Romance: Readers who enjoy reading reverse harem romance.

PNR / Urban Fantasy Romance: Readers who enjoy Paranormal Romance and/or Urban Fantasy Romance.

Billionaires/Bad Boys: Readers who enjoy reading romance based around Billionaires and/or Bad Boys.

Pricing: $30 – $60 depending on list.

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Please note our Terms and Conditions when booking. In particular: We reserve the right to refuse to promote any book should we feel it is not a good fit for the site it is booked for. Should we decide not to promote your book, you will be contacted in advance.

Any book submitted to us, regardless of genre, must pass “Amazon Rules” – if it wouldn’t get published on Amazon for dubious content of any description, then we reserve the right to refuse to promote your book. Your money will be refunded minus a $5 administration fee. If you are unsure whether your book will be accepted, please email us here: website @ prior to ordering.

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