Welcome Authors!

We’re very excited to bring you our brand new Author Services site, Book-Promos.com. BrazenBookshelf and GeektasticBooks have joined forces to make ordering promotional services quicker and a whole lot easier! We want to make finding out about our services as simple and intuitive as possible, meaning less time spent planning how to market your next book and more time butt-in-chair-writing.

Upcoming Cross-Promotions

We’ve TWO cross-promotions coming up in March 2018 and both are open to Instafreebie, Bookfunnel or (by numerous requests) Booksprout links. Our cross-promotions are a great way to get your Reader Magnet out there and reach new readers.

Our BrazenBookshelf version is open for all romance sub-genres and our GeektasticBooks version is suitable for all Sci Fi & Fantasy sub-genres.

(Books must either be complete stories or clearly show on their cover that they are a sample. All submissions must contain appropriate content.)

What’s New?

  • A Whole New Way to Book! Finally! We’ve got a calendar system that will let you pick dates the normal way, by a calendar.
  • GeektasticBooks.com now has a booking system that will let you book cross promotions and our brand new reader newsletters just for science fiction and fantasy readers.
  • A Reminder System that will contact you prior to a promotion, to remind you to send us your book details.
  • A Review System that lets you leave a review for a promotion you’ve used with us.
  • A Super Friendly User Dashboard we think it’s ace.
  • Even more fantastic deals and promotions!

Be part of our Advent Calendars in 2017!

I want to book my promotions!

Great! We currently have two promotional sites to choose from: BrazenBookshelf.com, which caters for Romance, ERom and some Erotica; and GeektasticBooks.com who are completely focused on Science Fiction and Fantasy genres.

What Else is planned?

What you’re seeing here right now, this is just the beginning… In the weeks and months to come you’ll notice more information and content being added. We’re putting together a whole “How-To” section which we just know you’re going to find useful.

We’re on the look out for authors who have worked with us before and would like to send a testimonial or review. Is this YOU? We’d LOVE to hear from you… just use the form below to say hello!

We really hope you’ll find our new site easy to navigate and would love to hear any initial feedback or comments you may have. Why not send us a message below?